More than a Triathlon

This year, we`d like to offer our competitors something more, than in previous years. Something more, than triathlon. Mass sport basically means, that more and more people get fond of it and start to practice it. But this competition is not only about sports and exercising. Nature has a significant role in making this competition unique of its kind. This year, we are preparing a full weekend program to convince you and your family, that it is worth spending time here.

This website will resume all free time opportunities, programs and events, which you can enjoy before or after the competition. We are organizing cultural events as well in order to give you an insight of our cultural values. But, to stay on topic, we are planning to invite famous sportsmen, who`ll speak about their techniques, training, and so on.

An additional reason worth spending here time for is the healthy, ozone-full air you are most welcome to enjoy at us!

We invite you to discover our region:

More than Triatlon - program

As we said earlier, starting with this edition of the XSALT competition we want to give you more than a triatlon.


Băile Tușnad and surroundings ecotourism destination

Partner of the „Triatlon Lacul Sf. Ana - XSALT 2017”

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