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BăileTușnad – You know it's good for you!

This may not be the first time you hear about BăileTușnad and you definitely know it’s something related tomineral waters, spatreatments, mountains, thermal baths.

BăileTușnad, like all tourist resorts in Romania, has undergone several periods of glory, transition, degradation and rebirth. We don’t want to bore you but we believe it is important you know the following.

Everything we have here revolves around the idea of healing through the force of nature. Even the founding myth or the legend of the place says that the son of a shepherd who accidentally stepped in a puddle with mineral water healedmiraculously. This is where it all begins – from the therapeutic force of the mineral waters, resulted from the volcanic history of the mountains surrounding the place. As early as 1845 a stock company to manage the natural healing resources was founded.

The idea was successful, so that many Romanian, Hungarian and Austrian investors were to come to this area. This diversity was also seen in the architectural style of the villas and chalets, and the region was known as the “Little Switzerland” for a long time.There was also a surge intreatment centres and facilities, the Ciucaș reservoir, hotels, etc., so in 1968 the resort was declared a town.

If you get here you can easily say you’re in the smallest town of Romania and even if we take the statistics into consideration, the townofficially has 1641 inhabitants, but in factthe number is even lower, because many people have left to work abroad.

We can say without exaggerating that there are currently moreclassified housing places (1499) than inhabitants!
While for a while(in the 90s) we faced a quite embarrassing situation (no thermal bath, pool or anything of the kind was functional), now there are at least three locations where the curious can properly try the thermal baths and treatments (BăileTușnad Wellness Centre, O3Zone Hotel, Ciucaș Hotel)

Apart from these facilities you can also discover and taste the natural mineral water springs, kürtöskalács, as well as the traditional goulash. 

If you like hikingthrough the forest, don’t miss the mountain routes that start from the resort to the Falcon Stone Natural Reserve, St.Ana Lake &TinovulMohoș, Apor Tower

We have good news even if you don’t want to do anything: here you can get well even if you just sit and breathe the ozonised air, rich in aerosols and negative ions

Finally, some more useful information: 

The resort can be reached from DN12 or on the CF 400 Brașov – Deda line and it is situated 32 km south of Miercurea-Ciuc, 37 km north of Sfântu Gheorghe, 67 km of Braşov and 35 km away from Baraolt.

Geographically, you can find us on the western side of the volcanic massifCiomad, in the Oltravine,at an altitude of 656 m, in the middle of fir and deciduous tree forests. The River Olt is the main watercourse of the resort.

We are waiting for you!