Saint Ana Lake Triathlon Regulation

The event will be organized according to the FRTRI Race Regulation and the FRTRI Romanian Triathlon Series Regulation available at the following link:


Introduction. Event description.

The XSALT Triathlon (Xterra Saint Ana Lake Triathlon) is a triathlon competition organised by Adventure Association in Băile Tușnad in partnership with Extreme Sports Club.

Triathlon involves the completion of three successive timed disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. 

XSALT Triathlon will take place in the area of St. Ana Lake and its surroundings.
The contestants and professional and amateur, junior and senior, women and men. All races start at the same time.
Most contestants are AMATEURS. Thus, the “SAINT ANA LAKE EXTERRA TRIATHLON” is part of the category of mass sports competitions.
The race is divided into gender and age categories and the organiser can make a separate ranking for corporate employees, aside from the usual rankings of such a competition.
The organiser can give prizes to other persons aside from those ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd on each category.
The organiser can give prizes for fully subjective criteria.
The total time includes transition time. 
In the transition area touching or moving the equipment of another contestant is not allowed.
The course must be followed 100%. Contestants must pass by all check-points. Any shortcut disqualifies the contestant. 
Contestants must accept the start number being displayed on their right arm (by the organiser). 


10.07.2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. – collecting the participation kit, information, technical briefing, XSALT registration, XSALT Kids Race registration – Băile Tușnad Central Park across the Catholic Church in the centre.

11.07.2021 from 08:00 a.m. to 09:30 a.m. – check-in in the transit area (depot). The transit area closes at 09:30 a.m.

XSALT Kids Race start 09:00 a.m.
XSALT Kids Race award ceremony: 10:30 a.m.

XSALT START: 11:00 a.m.

The maximum time for the race will be 5 hours. If a contestant has not passed the past check-point by 3:00 p.m., when they reach the last check-point they leave the competition chip there and announce the race referee through a volunteer that the race was abandoned. 

The course

The triathlon race will take place on a distance of 800 m swimming, 21 km cycling, 6.2 km running.
All contestants must attend the technical meeting on the day of the race.
When collecting the participation kit, each contestant must sign a waiver and release of liability. For kids between the age of 14 and 18, the waiver must be signed by the entrant and one of the parents.
You must carry your identity document (identity card or passport). 

The swimming race will take place in Saint Ana Lake, and the course will be marked with buoys.
The swimming race takes place in two stages of 400 m each, and the contestant will have to run 50 m between stages.
Contestants will swim outside the space marked by the organisers with buoys.
Swimming caps must be worn at all times.
Swimming with other helping equipment is forbidden, except for neoprene suits, caps and swimming goggles. 
For water temperatures below 16C, neoprene suits are compulsory.
For water temperatures above 24C, neoprene suits are forbidden.
For water temperatures below 13C, the swimming race will be replaced with running.
Organisers will announce the water temperature one hour before the race.
In case of muscle cramps or any inconvenient, the contestant may ask one of the three boats supervising the race to take him or her to the shore.
Moreover, swimming contestants are aware of what swimming in open water means and accept any risks entailed by this race.

Rules for the cycling event
Compulsory equipment:
– bicycle for the type of track announced by the organisers
– contestants must wear a helmet throughout the cycling track; the helmet must be put on and fastened before leaving the transition area. Failure to comply will be penalised with a 2-minute wait at the exit from the transition area (penalty box). 

For road segments accessible to cars, contestants must abide by the traffic rules. Failure to comply will penalise or disqualify the contestant. 

The course will be marked for the entire distance. Leaving the track or missing a check-point will disqualify the contestant/team.

Organisers are not liable for faults that may occur in the contestants’ bicycles. In case of faults, the contestants may repair their bicycles by themselves or with another contestant. No help from the outside is allowed. 

The start number received in the participation kit must be attached to the handlebar.
During the race, cyclists must ride cautiously, adapt the speed to the weather conditions (rain, wind, etc.) and abide by all traffic rules (where applicable).
Organisers are released from any liability in case the rules above are not complied with. 

Rules for the running event:
The course will be marked for the entire distance. 
Leaving the track or missing a check-point will disqualify the contestant/team.
The start number will be worn visibly on the front. 
The contestant must abide by traffic and civil conduct rules throughout the race.

Other provisions
IT IS FORBIDDEN – for any other persons aside from the Organisers, contestants, mountain gendarmerie and ambulance/mountain rescue to enter the depot points.

Transition areas
Entrants to the triathlon or two relay events will leave their necessary equipment in the transition area. Cycling is strictly forbidden in the transition area.
After each event, the contestants will leave their used equipment in the transition area. Each contestant will leave his or her equipment in the area marked with their start number.
In the transition area, contestants will change their equipment without touching the equipment of other contestants. 

The bicycle will be left on the bicycle rack, and the other equipment will be left next to the bicycle, without coming out into the traffic space of the transition area and without entering the space of another contestant. 
Failure to comply with any of the rules above for the transition area will be penalised with a 2-minute wait at the exit from the transfer area (penalty box). 

Help from the outside is not allowed for any of the operations performed in the transition areas (removing the neoprene suit, putting on the bicycle equipment, etc.). Contestants’ access into the transition area is based only on the start number. In addition, the guard and protection team and members of the XSALT team will also be allowed to enter the transition areas.

Both for Triathlon and Relay, the transition area opens at 08:00 a.m. on the day of the race and closes at 09:30 a.m.

The relay exchange will take place at the stand allotted to each relay, and all participants to this race will cover the same distance from the entry into the relay exchange area to the exit from this area, according to the flow defined by the organisers. Any failure to comply will be penalised with a 2-minute wait (penalty box). At the start, contestants in the bicycle relay event must be on the exchange sport (the stand with their start number) and wait there for the teammate performing the swimming relay event. After the start, the transition area for relay will be closed (cyclists will no longer be allowed). Contestants who perform the running relay event can enter the stand area from 11:30 a.m. and they will occupy the area in front of the stand with their start number. 

There will be transition areas between the three events, where contestants will leave their bicycles and equipment. To avoid accidents, contestants will hop on their bicycles only after leaving the transition area and they will hop off them before reaching the transition area. Only contestants and organisers can enter the transition area.


Contestants can participate either individually or in a relay team consisting of 2 or 3 teammates. In the latter case, each of the relay members will race in one or two of the events: swimming, cycling or running. The relay exchange will be performed by transferring the electronic timing chip from one teammate to another. 
An individual entrant can also be part of a relay team, and the time spent in the swimming event will be counted towards the relay he or she is a part of. 

Participation conditions

The XSALT Triathlon is open to all athletes who are medically fit and who have turned 18 years old before the date of the event. 

Participants will register online on the website of the event, and the registration will be validated by the organisers after proof of payment of the registration fee. The registration and participation fee for the event is available on the official website []. Discounts can be offered to early bird registration, as well as other situations, such as group registrations or applications from sports clubs (where applicable). 

All contestants must have a FRTRI licence. Participants who do not have a badge issued by FRTRI can obtain it on the spot, when collecting their competition kits. The licence fee is Lei 10.

In order to be admitted for competition during the event, contestants must respect the Regulations by signing a waiver and release of liability, which also confirms the physical, medical and psychological fitness for the competition and whereby the contestants assume all liability, relieving the organisers of any liability for any inconvenient of any nature that may arise directly or indirectly from the contestant’s participation in XSALT. 

Participants must wear the swimming cap during the swimming event, the bicycle helmet for the entire length and duration of the cycling race. In the swimming race, participants will identify by their start number written on their right shoulder or their swimming cap. The start number received in the participation kit must be fitted on the handlebar during cycling and on the front (on the chest) during the running event.

At the beginning of the cycling event participants must carry a bottle of at least 0.5L filled with water or other hydrating liquid. 

Participants must respect each other, must show fair play, help each other in case of accidents and let the organisers know about any situation that may affect the health or integrity of any participant. In order to minimise the chances of any accidents, all overtaking will be done on the left side. 

Participants must also conserve the environment, refrain from throwing waste and packaging anywhere else than in the specially designed areas. 

Failure to comply with the rules and conditions of these Regulations will disqualify the participants at fault and they will be excluded from any rankings. 

Ranking. Prizes

The ranking for each category will be done in the order that each participant arrives at the finish line.
When crossing the finish line, the time spent by each participant in the entire race will be counted using timing chips.
Separate rankings will be drawn up for each category on each race.

Final provisions 

Participants give organisers the right to use any photo and audio/video material with the contestants, individual or collective frames, for the purpose of promoting and covering the event.
In addition, by registering and participating in this event, entrants agree with the processing of their personal data by the organisers.
If the event is delayed or relocated for any reason, the organisers are not bound to return the registration fee paid by the participants; if the event is cancelled, organisers undertake to return half of the registration fee to the participants. 


Prizes will be given on the afternoon of 7 July based on the provisional ranking at the lake. The final ranking will be published on the website 48 hours after the end of the competition. 

a) Individual

Age group ranking (Age Group). The groups will be as follows: cadet (14-16 years old), junior (17-19 years old), 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49,50-54, 55-59, +60. The rankings will be drawn up for the male and female categories. The age groups 30-34 and 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49, 50-54 and 55-59 will become 30-39, 40-49 and 50-59 if less than 5 contestants are registered for any category (M/F) at the end of the application period. 

The age of a contestant is considered the age in entire years in 2019. 

b) Relay
The ranking is drawn up for the female, male, mixed and corporate categories.


The deadline for appeals is 60 minutes from the end of the competition. Submitting an appeal entails the payment of a Lei 150 fee, which will be returned if the appeal is accepted. 

Appeals can only be submitted in writing at one of the organisers (organisers will wear STAFF vests). 


Organisers assume no liability for faulty use of the personal equipment or the use of an inadequate equipment for the event by the contestants. 

Participants must abide by the organisers’ recommendations regarding application and registration at the start, as well as the completion of the course; any fraud attempt will be sanctioned with disqualification. 

Participation in XSALT is done on each contestant’s own liability. The organiser is released of any liability for accidents and any other medical incidents occurring to the contestants throughout the event. 

Organisers are not bound to check the information and documents provided by the participants upon registration to the Competition and they will not be liable for the veracity and accuracy of such information and documents. If registration to the event is proven to have been done by fraud, the contestant is disqualified or the registration to the event is cancelled, as the case may be. 

Healthcare assistance during the races is provided by an ambulance fitted with resuscitation equipment and qualified medical staff. 

In accordance with the legislation in force, organisers are bound to make public the names of the winners and prizes given during this event. The list of winners will be published on the website

The organisers also undertake to abide by the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on personal data protection. Therefore, organisers undertake to keep the confidentiality of the personal data of contestants and winners to this competition and use it according to these Regulations and the legislation in force.

The organisers undertake no obligations regarding any other costs or expenses incurred by the contestant in view of participating in the event, aside from the registration fee.